VTK - International

Welcome to the website of VTK (Vlaamse Technische Kring), the student organisation of the Faculty of Engineering at the K.U.Leuven.

This page provides an overview of VTK's activities and information for international students coming to study at our faculty. The most important news for international students will be posted on this page in the news section on the right.

Contact Information

If you have questions or need advice, feel free to contact us at internationalvtk.be.

We will post all important information about activities and more on our Google Group. We advise you all to subscribe here. We also have a facebook page for VTK International, you'll find it here.

You may also be interested in the International department of LOKO, the collective student organisation that unites the student organisations of all faculties at the K.U.Leuven, including VTK. You can find more information on the LOKO International website.

VTK's main activities

VTK offers a range of services to it's students. Below are the links to the international pages of our various departments.

  • Education (Onderwijs)
    Representation of (architectural) engineering students within the faculty and the university.

  • Bookstore (Cursusdienst a.k.a. CuDi)
    A not-for-profit bookstore, offering books and course materials for most bachelor and master programmes at the Faculty of Engineering. (map)

  • Business Relations (Bedrijven Relaties a.k.a. BR)
    Helping our students get a job or internship at Belgian companies.

  • Communication
    The communication team makes a lovely weekly newsletter called 't Bakske International . You can also write something in it yourself if you want to share it with your fellow students. Shout it out :-)!

  • Student pub 't ElixIr
    A pub with drinks at affordable drinks, where you can meet up with students from the Faculty of Engineering but also from other faculties. The pub is often called The Fakbar or simply The Fak by local students.

  • Sandwich bar Theokot
    A pleasant bistro on the campus, located between the departments of Materials Engineering and Civil Engineering. This is also where the VTK bookstore is located. (map)

  • Parties
    ...because studying may not be the only thing you came to Belgium for!

VTK Subscriptions and bookstore

The VTK bookstore uses an online reservation system, so in order to get books from us, you must first register with VTK. Registering is free of charge. You can now register here!

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Find your way around the campus using our map.